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Feb. 19th, 2010

Evan Lysacek. You are beautiful. Thank you so much for the marvelous routine.

Incidentally, called that as soon as Plushenko blew that first scuzzy kiss. I felt violated.

Also, Johnny Weir was Robbed HARDCORE. Sorry Daisuke, but it is true.

I love the Olympics. I love it more when I care about someone. Evan, thank you for making a three year obsession have such a fantastic finish!

Feb. 5th, 2010

I had plans to go shopping. They were canceled. So I was awake terribly early, all dressed up with no place to go, and a little sad because, well, a new shirt was in the plans for today and now I am denied retail therapy.Retail therapy I  think I deserve because the cast list is coming out today and I have been freaking out for three days now and my nerves are fried!

I picked up an extra shift at work because I R POAR KOLLEGE STOODINT. This sounds like a great idea except my usual supervisor doesn't work Wednesdays and Scary!Boss and I had an awful time of it together. She made me change my gloves because I wiped crumbs off my shirt, because I threw something in the trash, and because I wiped a counter down which I know is nessecary for sanitation but I didn't even touch the trashcan. All within the first half hour. I always deserve my wage, but that shift I EARNED it.

The Superbowl is this weekend and I am supremely excited for the subsequent party and the oncoming massacre of the Colts by the Saints. Also, as much as I love football (SO MUCH) that means we are this much closer to the Olympics and I get to watch Evan Lysacek skate all I want instead of resorting to grainy youtube videos. Oh man I love the Olympics I am so excited. Even for curling!

I expected it, of course, since this is college and these things do happen here but I was still surprised when a condom was thrust into my hand while I was heading to class by an eager and well-meaning representative of an organization that prevents rape. Don't get me wrong, I fully support this, but I  may have LOLed a little after I was out of earshot. You see, it is ultra lubricated (because my college is classy like that) and made in Malaysia (you know, the bad Asia) with a big purple sticker that says "GOT CONSENT? Consent, it does everybody good.". I just pictured that emblazoned on a T-shirt or someone using that as a pick-up line and got the giggles for my next class. I am an awful person.

Speaking of laughing uncontrollably in public places for potentially reprehensible reasons, my family came up for our Bi-weekly Tuesday visit. The conversation turned, as it inevitably would with my mother and I in the same room, to the Olympics we speculated about who will be lighting the Canadian Torch. My Dad got into the conversation and said something that sounded like Hemingway and my Mom said "Ernest Hemingway"? So I burst out laughing because you know, Hemingway doing figure skating, and then I thought about he would win the Gold Medal in Marksmanship but he could only do it once which made me laugh even more (like I said, awful person). Needless to say, the patrons of the restaurant thought I was mentally disturbed. All in all, a usual dinner with the family.

Feb. 3rd, 2010

The auditions are over! Predictably, my musical audition was not so snappy since I can't sing but I did blow the director away with my phenomenal Southern Accent. That being said, pianist? Played loudly and quickly. I was helpless.

My other audition, however, was brilliant! I was the last person (so I had all the extra time to freak out) but I honestly think I did as well as I could have. Most importantly, the Director knows who I am and knows that I can act well, maybe not as well as others, but well. Since I am a freshman and he is one of the most respected members of the Theatre department's faculty, I see this as a victory.

BESIDES THAT YOU ASK? I woke up halfway through my second class... lovely. I was hoping to make a good impression on that teacher too. On the bright side, I got a good night's rest and that hardly ever happens.

It feels like spring which worries me because that means the entire rest of February will come upon us with a vengeance and I have two parties to attend this weekend. It's okay though because I have warm winter boots. WITH POM-POMS!

I think I'm going to watch and episode of Merlin. Yes, I know, the plot, the effect, the murdering of Arthurian Legend, but I remind you of the boys!

Aw! Lookit their matching pouts! 
Well, it's a new semester in college and I am so surprised at how far I've come from where I was this year to now. I've learned so much! Anyway, I'm goign to try to post something at least once a week in an experiment to see whether or not I can stick to something like this. I have abandoned many half filled journals during my time. 

I haven't changed out of Pjs yet and have no intention of doing do. Where that leaves me, however, is practicing my audition monologue in ratty sweatpants and slippers. It's not exactly the epic wardrobe that it calls for, but I am making due.

Ancient Greek is an evil language by the way. Ultimately rewarding, of course, but mostly just the spawn of all things confusing and frustrating.

I will leave and brave the snow eventually, I promise, because, although I try, I can't actually survive on coffee alone.
 I watched the movie "Driving Lesson" today. This is made ironic due to the fact I had my own first driving lesson myself today. I'd avoided it as long as I could but, at sixteen and a half, I could run no longer. Despite the fact I was supposed to be driving for at least a year, I managed to freak the hell out anyway and refuse to go over 10 miles per hour. Anyway, the movie was fantastic. It had Rupert Grint in it as the lead role Ben, isn't it funny how Ron and Ben are both three letter names ending in "n" with a vowel in the middle? I give him credit for, even though he played a hapless teenager, he was not Ron. As opposed to Daniel Radcliffe who will always be Harry Potter the mature orphan, Harry Potter hosting an award show, Harry Potter running around naked with horses (remember, if you have sex with Danny, you're sleeping with all the horses he's been with before!). I don't know about Emma Watson yet, I like to believe she would embrace whatever character she's playing. But I digress, the wonderful performance of the movie was Julie Walters who, yes, does play Mrs. Weasly in Harry Potter. She was nothing like her in this movie. She delivered a stunning performance, she is clearly under-appreciated in the Harry Potter movies. She played Evie, a mentally unstable former actress who's flamboyance helped change Ben's life. She's a little fab. The plot was a sort of believable caricature of repressed teenage life that felt anything but over done. It was hilarious. And, it had a killer soundtrack. Go watch the movie, it's worth it. 

You know what's funny? The fact that my father urges me to drive a metal deathtrap, yet he doesn't let me go to a bookstore by myself. I read books there, he knows this and I have never given him reason not to trust me in all my years. He says it's not because he doesn't trust me, but that if I sit at a bookstore alone, reading mind you, I look as though I would like to be picked up. Not only is this preposterous, I hate being interrupted while reading, especially by immature suitors, but the men who frequent there are all middle aged and a little tossed in the head. Except Sunshine, the lovely blonde who sometimes shows up there. He does homework in the café while surrounded by literature. AP Chemistry homework. On a laptop. This makes me think that, no matter how attractive he is, our nonexistent relationship will remain just that.

My mother informed me today that a trans-gender women-turned-man, although s/he has a dick, s/he kept his/her uterus and is now believed to be pregnant. My immediate thought is how will the baby get out? Thanks for the creepiness, mom. 

Ah life, you are a lot more humorous to people who aren't living you.   

Mar. 29th, 2008

 So, I made this, mostly, to comment on sam_storyteller's journal. He's amazing, check him out, okay? I might put some of my own stuff on here though. I'm mid-production of a couple of stories I'd like someone besides me to see. We'll se how it goes!

It was Gareth David Lloyd's birthday today! YAY!



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